General Debate  (drafts provided by the delegations; check against delivery)

MC/GD/99/Afghanistan Afghanistan
MC/GD/99/African Union African Union
MC/GD/99/Algeria Algeria
MC/GD/99/Angola Angola
MC/GD/99/Armenia Armenia
MC/GD/99/Australia Australia
MC/GD/99/Austria Austria
MC/GD/99/Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
MC/GD/99/Bangladesh Bangladesh
MC/GD/99/Belarus Belarus
MC/GD/99/Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
MC/GD/99/Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
MC/GD/99/Botswana Botswana
MC/GD/99/Brazil Brazil
MC/GD/99/Bulgaria Bulgaria
MC/GD/99/Canada Canada
MC/GD/99/Central African Republic Central African Republic
MC/GD/99/Chile Chile
MC/GD/99/China China
MC/GD/99/Colombia Colombia
MC/GD/99/Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
MC/GD/99/Ecuador Ecuador
MC/GD/99/Ethiopia Ethiopia
MC/GD/99/European Union European Union
MC/GD/99/France France
MC/GD/99/Germany Germany
MC/GD/99/Ghana Ghana
MC/GD/99/Holy See Holy See
MC/GD/99/Honduras Honduras
MC/GD/99/Hungary Hungary
MC/GD/99/India India
MC/GD/99/Iran (Islamic Republic of) Islamic Republic of Iran
MC/GD/99/Ireland Ireland
MC/GD/99/Islamic Conference Islamic Conference
MC/GD/99/Italy Italy
MC/GD/99/Japan Japan
MC/GD/99/Jordan Jordan
MC/GD/99/Kenya Kenya
MC/GD/99/Lesotho Lesotho
MC/GD/99/Malta Malta
MC/GD/99/Mexico Mexico
MC/GD/99/Morocco Morocco
MC/GD/99/Namibia Namibia
MC/GD/99/Nepal Nepal
MC/GD/99/Netherlands Netherlands
MC/GD/99/New Zealand New Zealand
MC/GD/99/Pakistan Pakistan
MC/GD/99/Panama Panama
MC/GD/99/Philippines Philippines
MC/GD/99/Republic Of Korea Republic Of Korea
MC/GD/99/Russian Federation Russian Federation
MC/GD/99/Rwanda Rwanda
MC/GD/99/Serbia Serbia
MC/GD/99/South Africa South Africa
MC/GD/99/Sovereign Order of Malta Sovereign Order of Malta
MC/GD/99/Spain Spain
MC/GD/99/Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
MC/GD/99/Sudan Sudan
MC/GD/99/Swaziland Swaziland
MC/GD/99/Sweden Sweden
MC/GD/99/Switzerland Switzerland
MC/GD/99/Thailand Thailand
MC/GD/99/Timor Leste Timor Leste
MC/GD/99/Turkey Turkey
MC/GD/99/United Kingdom United Kingdom
MC/GD/99/United States of America United States of America
MC/GD/99/Zambia Zambia
MC/GD/99/Zimbabwe Zimbabwe