28–29 October 2015 

S/17/1 Provisional agenda
S/17/1/Rev.1 Agenda
S/17/2 Provisional agenda with related documents
S/17/3  Migration Management and Reintegration: Reintegration as a tool for enhancing migrants' protection and prospects
S/17/4 Migration Governance Framework – The essential elements for facilitating orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people through planned and well-managed migration policies
S/17/CRP/6 Report of the IOM Audit and Oversight Advisory Committee: Activities from August 2014 to September 2105 – Reissued
S/17/7 Linking relief, recovery and development in the context of mobility and resilience-building
S/17/8 Report on the implementation of the External Auditor’s recommendations
S/17/9 Funding the core structure: Budget-strengthening plan 2014-2016 - Progress Report (September 2015 update)
S/17/10 IOM Development Fund (Status report: 1 January to 30 September 2015)
S/17/11 Second annual report of the Director General on improvements of the privileges and immunities granted to the Organization by States
S/17/12 Statement by the Director General, Mr William Lacy Swing, at the 17th Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance – 28 October 2015
S/17/13/Rev.1 List of participants
S/17/14 Report of the Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance on the Seventeenth Session
S/17/15 Report on the work of the Office of the Inspector General
S/17/16 List of documents

External Auditors

C/106/6 Appointment of External Auditors

Related Council Documents

C/106/5/Rev.1 Status report on outstanding contributions to the Administrative Part of the Budget and Member State voting rights (as at 30 September 2015)
C/106/INF/9 IOM Policy on Protection
C/106/INF/15 Advancing the unfinished agenda of migrant health for the benefit of all
C/106/INF/16 IOM Private Sector Partnership Strategy 2016-2020
C/106/CRP/20 IOM's Humanitarian Policy – Principles for humanitarian action
C/106/L/23 Draft Council Resolution on IOM-UN Relations

Programme and Budget

C/106/7 Programme and Budget for 2016
C/106/17 Summary update on the Programme and Budget for 2015