18 - 21 November 2003


MC/2112 Provisional agenda
MC/2112/Rev.1 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2112/Rev.2 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2112/Rev.3 Agenda
PARD Revised Provisional Agenda with Related Documents

Report of the Director General

MC/2114 Report of the Director General on the work of the Organization for the year 2002

Statement / MICEM

MICEM/7/2003 Statement by the Director General
MICEM/8/2003 Statement by the Deputy Director General

Financial Report

MC/2113 Financial Report for the Year ended 31 December 2002

Programme and Budget

MC/2117 Programme and Budget for 2004
MC/2117/Amdt.1 Programme and Budget for 2004 - Amendment

Summary Update on the Programme and Budget

MC/2116 Summary Update on the Programme and Budget for 2003

Council Report

MC/2097/Rev.1 Report on the Eighty-fourth Session of the Council
MC/2110/Rev.1 Report on the Eighty-fifth (Special) Session of the Council
MC/2126 Draft Report on the Eighty-sixth Session of the Council

Report of the Executive Committee

MC/2115 Report on the Hundredth Session of the Executive Committee

Report of the SCBF
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MC/2119 Subcommittee on Budge and Finance - Report on the Ninetieth Session


MC/2120 Application by the Republic of Malta for Membership in the Organization


MC/2118 Application by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) - Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI) for representation by an observer
MC/2121 Application by the League of Arab States for representation by an observer
MC/2122 Application by the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) for representation by an observer
MC/2123 Application by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) for representation by an observer

Council Resolutions

MC/2124 Resolutions adopted by the Council at its Eighty-sixth Session

Information Documents

MC/INF/261 Human Resources Report
MC/INF/262 Note on IOM Strategy: Current and Future Migration Realities and IOM's Role
MC/INF/263 IOM-UN Relationship: Summary Report of the Working Group on Institutional Arrangements
MC/INF/264 International Labour Migration, Trends and IOM Policy and Programmes
MC/INF/265 Workshops for Policy Makers: Background Document - Capacity-Building in Migration Management
MC/INF/266 IOM's Role in Enhancing Regional Dialogues on Migration
MC/INF/267 Workshops for policy makers: Background Document Labour migration
MC/INF/268 Migration in a Globalized World
MC/INF/269 Technical Cooperation on Migration (TCM), IOM's Contribution towards Building Capacities in Migration Management
MC/INF/270 Trafficking in Persons: IOM Strategy and Activities
MC/INF/271 IOM Position Paper on Psychosocial and Mental Well-Being of Migrants

Conference Room Papers

CRP/10 Report by the Working Group on Gender Issues on Gender Mainstreaming in the Organization

Other Council Documents

Migration Change Migration in a World of Global Change

Workshop Report

Workshop/Capacity Bldg Workshops For Policy Makers: Report Capacity-Building In Migration Management
Workshop/Labour Migration Workshops For Policy Makers: Report Labour Migration

List of Participants

MC/2125 List of Participants

List of Documents Issued

MC/2127 List of Documents