28 November - 1 December 2006


MC/2200 Provisional Agenda
MC/2200/Rev.1 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2200/Rev.2 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2200/Rev.3 Agenda
PARD Revised provisional agenda with related documents

Report of the Director General

MC/2197 Report of the Director General on the Work of the Organization for the Year 2005


MICEM/6/2006 Director General's Remarks at the Ninety-second Session of the Council
MICEM/7/2006 Statement by the Deputy Director General at the Ninety-second Session of the Council

Financial Report

MC/2196 Financial report for the year ended 31 December 2005

Programme and Budget

MC/2203 Programme and Budget for 2007
MC/2202 Summary Update on the Programme and Budget for 2006

Council Report

MC/2186/Rev.1 Report on the Ninetieth Session of the Council
MC/2198/Rev.1 Report on the Ninety-first (Special) Session of the Council
MC/2210/Rev.1 Report on the Ninety-second Session of the Council

Report of the Executive Committee

MC/2201 Report on the Hundred and Third Session of the Executive Committee

Report of the SCBF (Restricted to IOM Member States. Please use the login feature on the right side of this page to gain access)

MC/2207 Subcommittee on Budget and Finance: Report on the Ninety-sixth Session


MC/2204 Application by the Republic of Montenegro for Membership in the Organization
MC/2205 Application by Nepal for Membership in the Organization


MC/2206 Application by Qatar Charity for Representation by an Observer

Council Resolutions

MC/2208 Resolutions adopted by the Council at its Ninety-second Session

Information Documents

MC/INF/282 Human Resources Report
MC/INF/284 International Migration and Development Initiative: Labour Mobility for Development
MC/INF/283 International Dialogue on Migration 2006 - Theme: Partnerships in Migration - Engaging Business and Civil Society
MC/INF/285 IOM - UN Relationship

Conference Room Papers

CRP/21 Report by the Working Group on Gender Issues on a Decade of Gender Mainstreaming in the Organization
CRP/22 Evaluation of the Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Strategy in IOM (Office of the Inspector General)

List of participants

MC/2209 List of participants

List of documents

MC/2211  List of documents