98th Session of the Council (2009)

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23-26 November 2009


MC/2276 Provisional Agenda
MC/2276/Rev.1 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2276/Rev.2 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2276/Rev.3 Agenda
PARD Revised Provisional Agenda with Related Documents

Report of the Director General

MC/2278 Report of the Director General on the Work of the Organization for the Year 2008

Statements / MICEM

MICEM/7/2009 The Directors General's Report to the Ninety-eighth Session of the Council

Financial Report

MC/2277 Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2008

Programme and Budget

MC/2280 Summary Update on the Programme and Budget for 2009
MC/2281 Programme and Budget for 2010
MC/2281/Amdt.1 Amendment to Programme and Budget for 2010

Council Report

MC/2266/Rev.1 Report on the Ninety-sixth Session of the Council
MC/2274/Rev.1 Report on the Ninety-seventh (Special) Session of the Council
MC/2290/Rev.1 Report on the Ninety-eighth Session of the Council

Report of the Executive Committee

MC/2279 Report on the Hundred and Sixth Session of the Executive Committee

Report of the SCPF (Restricted to Member States. Please log in to gain access)

MC/2283 Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance – Report on the Fifth Session

External Auditors (Restricted to Member States. Please log in to gain access)

MC/2282 Appointment of External Auditors
MC/2282/Add 1 Appointment of External Auditors - Supplementary Information
MC/2282/Add.2 Appointment of External Auditors - Consolidated information of selection criteria and additional information contained in documents MC/2282 and MC/2282/Add.1


MC/2284 Application by the European Youth Forum (YFJ) for Representation by an observer

Council Resolutions

MC/2288 Resolutions adopted by the Council at its Ninety-eighth Session

Information Documents

MC/INF/295 Report on Human Resources Management
MC/INF/296 International Dialogue on Migration 2009 - Human Rights and Migration: Working Together for Safe, Dignified and Secure Migration
MC/INF/297 Irregular Migration and Mixed Flows: IOM's Approach
MC/INF/298 The Human Rights of Migrants - IOM Policy and Activities
MC/INF/299 Acceptance of the Amendments to the Constitution

Conference Room Papers

CRP/28 Gender Coordination Report 2009

Other Council Documents

MC/2287 Review of the Organizational Structure of IOM

List of Participants

MC/2289 List of Participants

List of Documents Issued

MC/2291 List of Documents

Statement / Presentations (Guest speakers / Panellists)

Statements / Presentations (Administration)

General Debate (drafts provided by the delegations; check against delivery)

MC/GD/98/Afghanistan Afghanistan
MC/GD/98/African Group African Group
MC/GD/98/African Union African Union
MC/GD/98/Algeria Algeria
MC/GD/98/Angola Angola
MC/GD/98/Australia Australia
MC/GD/98/Austria Austria
MC/GD/98/Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
MC/GD/98/Bangladesh Bangladesh
MC/GD/98/Belarus Belarus
MC/GD/98/Benin Benin
MC/GD/98/Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
MC/GD/98/Brazil Brazil
MC/GD/98/Canada Canada
MC/GD/98/Chile Chile
MC/GD/98/China China
MC/GD/98/Costa Rica Costa Rica
MC/GD/98/Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
MC/GD/98/European Commission European Commission
MC/GD/98/European Union European Union
MC/GD/98/France France
MC/GD/98/Germany Germany
MC/GD/98/Ghana Ghana
MC/GD/98/Holy See Holy See
MC/GD/98/Hungary Hungary
MC/GD/98/India India
MC/GD/98/Iran Islamic Republic of Iran
MC/GD/98/Italy Italy
MC/GD/98/Japan Japan
MC/GD/98/Jordan Jordan
MC/GD/98/Kenya Kenya
MC/GD/98/Lithuania Lithuania
MC/GD/98/Mexico Mexico
MC/GD/98/Morocco Morocco
MC/GD/98/Nepal Nepal
MC/GD/98/New Zealand New Zealand
MC/GD/98/Nigeria Nigeria
MC/GD/98/Norway Norway
MC/GD/98/Pakistan Pakistan
MC/GD/98/Panama Panama
MC/GD/98/Paraguay Paraguay
MC/GD/98/Poland Poland
MC/GD/98/Republic Of Korea Republic Of Korea
MC/GD/98/Russian Federation Russian Federation
MC/GD/98/Senegal Senegal
MC/GD/98/Serbia Serbia
MC/GD/98/South Africa South Africa
MC/GD/98/SOM Sovereign Order of Malta
MC/GD/98/Spain Spain
MC/GD/98/Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
MC/GD/98/Sudan Sudan
MC/GD/98/Switzerland Switzerland
MC/GD/98/Tanzania Tanzania (United Republic of)
MC/GD/98/Thailand Thailand
MC/GD/98/Turkey Turkey
MC/GD/98/United Kingdom United Kingdom
MC/GD/98/USA United States of America
MC/GD/98/Uruguay Uruguay
MC/GD/98/Yemen Yemen