S/23/1 Provisional agenda
S/23/2 Programme of work
S/23/3 Report of the IOM Audit and Oversight Advisory Committee activities from September 2017 to August 2018
S/23/4 Report on the work of the Office of the Inspector General
S/23/5 Assisting migrants in crisis contexts: implementation of the guidelines to protect migrants in countries experiencing conflict or natural disaster
S/23/6 A framework for assisted voluntary return and reintegration and indicators for measuring sustainable reintegration
S/23/7 Report on the implementation of the External Auditor's recommendations
S/23/8 Update on proposed plans for the IOM Headquarters building
S/23/8/Corr.1 Update on proposed plans for the IOM Headquarters building. Corrigendum to Annex II (for the English version only)
S/23/9 Fifth Annual Report of the Director General on improvements in the privileges and immunities granted to the Organization by States
S/23/10 IOM Development Fund (Status report: 1 January to 30 September 2018)
S/23/11 Risk management update
S/23/12 List of participants
S/23/13 Statement by the Director General
S/23/14 Report of the Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance on the Twenty-third Session
S/23/15 Agenda
S/23/16 List of documents

Council documents submitted to this meeting

C/109/5/Rev.2 Status report on outstanding contributions to the Administrative Part of the Budget and Member State voting rights (as at 30 September 2018) (Document restricted to Member States. Please log in to gain access) 
C/109/6 Programme and Budget for 2019
C/109/9 Summary update on the Programme and Budget for 2018
C/109/INF/1 Distribution, classification and numbering of governing body documents

PowerPoint presentations