30 November to 3 December 2004


MC/2139 Provisional agenda
MC/2139/Rev.1 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2139/Rev.2 Revised Provisional Agenda
MC/2139/Rev.3 Agenda
PARD Revised provisional agenda with related documents

Report of the Director General

MC/2141 Report of the Director General on the work of the Organization for the year 2003

Statements MICEM

MICEM/7/2004 Statement by the Director General
MICEM/8/2004 Statement by the Deputy Director General

Financial Report

MC/2140 Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2003

Programme and Budget

MC/2143 Summary Update on the Programme and Budget for 2004
MC/2144 Programme and Budget for 2005
MC/2144/Amdt.1 Programme and Budget for 2005 - Amendment
MC/2144/Corr.1 Programme and Budget for 2005 - Corrigendum

Council Report

MC/2126/Rev.1 Report on the Eighty-sixth Session of the Council
MC/2137/Rev.1 Report on the Eighty-seventh (Special) Session of the Council
MC/2153 Draft Report on the Eighty-eighth Session of the Council

Report of the Executive Committee

MC/2142 Report on the Hundred and first Session of the Executive Committee

Report of the Subcommittee on Budget and Finance (Restricted to IOM Member States. Please use the login feature on the right side of this page to gain access)

MC/2146 Report on the Ninety-second Session of the Subcommittee on Budget and Finance


MC/2145 Application by the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for Membership in the Organization
MC/2148 Application by the Republic of Estonia for Membership in the Organization
MC/2149 Application by the Federative Republic of Brazil for Membership in the Organization
MC/2150 Appliation by the Republic of Turkey for Membership in the Organization


MC/2147 Application by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) for representation by an observer

Council Resolutions

MC/2151 Resolutions adopted by the Council at its Eighty-eighth Session

Information Documents

MC/INF/272 Human Resources Report
MC/INF/273 Year in Review
MC/INF/274 IOM Strategy: Current and future migration realities and IOM's role
MC/INF/275 Migrant Health for the Benefit of All
MC/INF/276 Valuing Migration: Costs, Benefits, Opportunities, and Challenges
MC/INF/277 The Image of Migrants in Society

Conference Room Papers

CRP/12 Towards an IOM strategy - Migration and Development
CRP/14 Health and Migration Seminar - Report of the Meeting
CRP/15 IOM Strategy: Current and future migration realities an IOM's role - Additional Information
CRP/13 Report by the Working Group on Gender Issues on Gender Mainstreaming in the Organization

International Dialogue on Migration

MC/IDM/88/Abella Statement by Manolo Abella, Chief, International Migration Programme, International Labour Office - Towards a Fair Deal for Migrant Workers
MC/IDM/88/Appave Presentation by Mr. Gervais Appave, Director, Migration Policy and Research
MC/IDM/88/Barco Speech by the Minister of Foreing Affairs of Colombia, Mrs Carolina Barco
MC/IDM/88/Browne Statement by the UK Minister of State for Citizenship, Immigration and Nationality, Mr Des Browne, MP
MC/IDM/88/Jara Speaking points for Ambassador Alejandro Jara, Permanent Representative of Chile to the WTO, Chairman of the Council for Trade in Services
MC/IDM/88/Jong Statement by Ambassador Ian M. de Jong, 'Valuing Migration'. The Year in Review
MC/IDM/88/Kalinde Statement by Ambassador Sophie Kalinde, Executive Secretary and Representative of African Union Commission, on behalf of the Chairperson of the Africa
MC/IDM/88/Khokhar Statement by Mr. Riaz H. Khokhar, Foreign Secretary, Pakistan
MC/IDM/88/Marchi Statement by Mr Sergio Marchi, Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM)
MC/IDM/88/Ramphele Presentation by Mamphela Ramphele, Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM)
MC/IDM/88/RKJenny Statement by Dr. R.K. Jenny - Executive Director, Global Commission on International Migration (GGIM)
MC/IDM/88/Suessmuth Introduction by Prof. Dr. Rita Suessmuth, Member of the Global Commission on International Migration
MC/IDM/88/Zonghuai Keynote Speech by Vice Foreing Minister QIAO Zonghuai of the People's Republic of China at the High-level Panel Debate of the International Dialogue on Migration
MC/IDM/88/Langenbacher Statement on the Berne Initiative, by Ambassador Dominik Langenbacher, Federal Office for refugees, Switzerland

List of Participants

MC/2152 List of Participants

List of Documents Issued

MC/2154 List of Documents

General Debate  (drafts provided by the delegations; check against delivery)

MC/GD/88/Afghanistan Afghanistan
MC/GD/88/Algeria for African Group Algeria on behalf of the African Group
MC/GD/88/Algeria Algeria
MC/GD/88/AmnestyInternational Amnesty International
MC/GD/88/Argentina Argentina
MC/GD/88/Armenia Armenia
MC/GD/88/Australia Australia
MC/GD/88/Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
MC/GD/88/Bangladesh Bangladesh
MC/GD/88/Belgium Belgium
MC/GD/88/Benin Benin
MC/GD/88/Chile Chile
MC/GD/88/Congo Congo
MC/GD/88/Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire
MC/GD/88/CzechRepublic Czech Republic
MC/GD/88/Egypt Egypt
MC/GD/88/France France
MC/GD/88/Honduras Honduras
MC/GD/88/HumanRightsWatch Human Rights Watch
MC/GD/88/ICVA ICVA on behalf of a number of NGOs
MC/GD/88/Indonesia Indonesia
MC/GD/88/Iran Islamic Republic of Iran
MC/GD/88/Israel Israel
MC/GD/88/Italy Italy
MC/GD/88/Jamaica Jamaica
MC/GD/88/Japan Japan
MC/GD/88/Kenya Kenya
MC/GD/88/Lithuania Lithuania
MC/GD/88/Mexico Mexico
MC/GD/88/Moldova Republic of Moldova
MC/GD/88/Netherlands Netherlands
MC/GD/88/Norway Norway on behalf of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway
MC/GD/88/Nigeria Nigeria
MC/GD/88/Paraguay Paraguay
MC/GD/88/Peru Peru
MC/GD/88/Philippines Philippines
MC/GD/88/Romania Romania
MC/GD/88/SerbiaMontenegro Serbia and Montenegro
MC/GD/88/SouthAfrica South Africa
MC/GD/88/Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
MC/GD/88/Sudan  Sudan
MC/GD/88/Switzerland Switzerland
MC/GD/88/Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania
MC/GD/88/Thailand Thailand
MC/GD/88/Tunisia Tunisia
MC/GD/88/UNHCR-IOM Refugee Protection and Migration Control: Perspectives from UNHCR and IOM
MC/GD/88/UnitedStates United States of America
MC/GD/88/Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)